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Emma Jo
Country & Americana singer-songwriter
Emma Jo is an award-winning singer and songwriter based in Kansas City, Missouri, but she has reached thousands around the world with her addictive Americana music. Her unique sound is a result of her early days as an acoustic folk singer (she released her first album at just 15), 6 years fronting an alternative rock band called 49 Stones, and her diverse influences that include Bruce Springsteen, classic country, Motown, and modern pop.

Fans say Emma's songs are truthful, warm, and nostalgic. She believes this is because she often writes about her own struggles and personal tragedies, which have been plenty during the last few years. Losing her father to suicide in 2017, Emma used music to cope and emerged with an album, Brave, and a song for her dad called "Your Story Isn't Over Yet."

Her latest single, "Queen of the Silver Lining," has received accolades and a warm reception. When asked about the inspiration for the song, she says, "I knew I was about to go through a season of change in my life – the kind of change that can be scary, overwhelming, and even devastating. I just had to keep telling myself that even after all I’ve been through in the past several years, I’m still standing and, really, I’m thriving. I thought it would be fun to write a song about a person who never has any good luck, but is always positive that the something good is just around the corner."

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